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Welcome to "" which features the work of Physique Photographer Jim Wilmer of Baltimore, Maryland. I have been photographing bodybuilders and fitness models since the late 1970's and have had the priviledge of photographing many of the best competitive bodybuilders and models in the Mid-Atlantic Region over the past thirty-five years. Please take a minute to view the description for the "My Smug Mug" gallery. There's more insight about my logo and business name. Bodybuilders and male fitness models who are interested in doing a photo session with me are encouraged to make contact by email or phone. I usually photograph TFPs (Time for Photos)--NO fees and you receive a full set of images from the shoot. Just send an email request for a shoot to: or call: 443-802-1390. THANKS! Jim.
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2014 NGA MR. ANTHRACITE Natural Bodybuilding & Men's Physique Championships **CANDIDS-PAPARAZZI-CLOSE-UPS**

This Gallery contains CANDID, Backstage, Paparazzi, and Close-Up image ...

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2014 NGA MR. ANTHRACITE Natural Bodybuilding & Men's Physique **PREJUDGING**

This Gallery contains images from the PREJUDING portion of the 2014 NG ...

Updated: Apr 07, 2014 4:53pm PST

My Smug Mug

I chose ADONIS PRODUCTIONS as the name of my photo business in the for ...

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Tyler J New

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